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Fin Fin Friends Party with Pump It Up

October 21st, 2010

Fin Fin Friends encourages you to party with Pump It Up, the inflatable party zone! And check out WowWee's Fin Fin Friends at your local Pump It Up location.

Pump It Up

Private indoor arenas, filled with gigantic inflatable slides, bounce houses, obstacle courses and more. Celebrate in your own private party room that our party coordinators set up and clean up for you. Available options including pizza, drinks, balloons and goodie bags make party planning stress-free. Personalized dedicated team of staff takes care of everything, just relax and enjoy your child’s birthday.

The Fin Fin Friends™ live in magical water worlds of life-like fish and aquatic creatures that are ALIVE with activity. Send a Fin Fin Friend down the slide into its bowl and watch it come to life. It reacts to you - when you talk to it, tap on the fish bowl or feed it.