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Two New Fun-Loving Companions Join the Award-Winning WowWee Robotics™ Line

October 15th, 2009

The Roborover™ and Joebot™ Robots Add Adventure, Song, and Dance to the Robosapien™ Family

HONG KONG – October 15, 2009 – WowWee, an Optimal Group company (NASDAQ:OPMR), has announced the retail launch of its newest members of the award-winning Robosapien family: the Roborover and Joebot robots. The adventurous Roborover robot is a talking, roving explorer with an inquisitive personality and quest to uncover hidden treasure and other imaginary riches. Roborover’s tread-based caterpillar tracks allow him to conquer all sorts of indoor terrain throughout his adventures and his remote-controlled headlights brighten even the darkest of rooms. The Joebot robot is not your average Joe – in fact, he’s a walking, talking interactive buddy with a sense of humor, mad dance skills, and the first WowWee robot to feature voice commands. Tap out a rhythm and Joebot will beatbox it back perfectly while grooving along.

The Roborover robot is an easy-to-use, exploring buddy, who is always ready for an adventure, no matter how rare the riches or difficult the trek. Perfect for younger audiences, this little explorer’s inquisitive personality grows more confident as children navigate and play with him. With his tractor-like treads, Roborover can roll over uneven surfaces and up inclines, hunting for treasure in every nook and cranny of the house – from inside closets to under tables and chairs. His expedition is led via a remote-control, though he can also explore independently, so Roborover can be sent first into a dark room as a scout and his LED headlights will illuminate the way. Roborover’s various sensors allow him to perceive his surroundings and communicate his findings to his companion, including if he falls over or detects an unusual obstacle in his path. While exploring, if Roborover gets separated from his owner, he can easily find his way back, even in the dark, through use of a homing function on the remote.

Have you seen the Miracle Mile in Miami, the Broadway lights in New York, or the cliffs of Capri, Italy? Roborover has – in fact, he’s even been to a hoe-down in Wyoming! Fans can join in the fun of Roborover Adventures at, where the travels of this curious, exploring companion are captured through photos snapped along the way. Fans can visit Roborover online to download the paper cartoon cutout of the robot, and take him wherever they go – the cutout is small and flat enough to fit into a purse or carry-on. Snap photos of adventures to share with the world, including your hometown, famous landmarks, and holiday traditions, and upload the images along with a caption to the interactive map on the Roborover Adventures website. Share information about the geography of your hometown while learning about other cultures across the globe. Children under age 13 will need to have parental consent for them to submit their photos, in accordance with COPPA requirements. For more information on how to join in the fun, visit

The Joebot robot is a comical companion with quirky quips and hilarious chatter – the first WowWee robot to feature both voice commands and hand controls. Speak the magic phrase in earshot of Joebot’s sound sensor and he will launch into song and dance, play a game or give a brief stand-up comedy act. He can also be controlled through his joystick-like hands or by the Robosapien remote controller (sold separately). Joebot can even beatbox and boogie; just tap out a rhythm and he will repeat it back perfectly using his various percussion sounds while bopping to the beat. His movements are fast and fluid, and when not dancing, he can either patrol or stand guard, interacting with his environment by detecting objects, obstacles, and falls. Users can challenge Joebot to a space age duel by using any TV (IR) remote controller to fire infrared blasts at him. When his battle mode initiates, take cover – Joebot will wander about freely while tracking and blasting objects with his imaginary laser rays from the LEDs on his hands. Joebot, however, can’t commit to battle without cracking a joke or delivering an over-the-top performance straight from a classic Western movie; he’s a cartoonish character at heart.

The Roborover robot is available at major retailers including Kmart, Toys“R”Us, Target, and Radio Shack for the suggested retail price of $69.99. Appropriate for ages eight and up, Roborover requires four “C” batteries and three “AA” batteries for the remote (not included). The Joebot robot is available at Sears, Discovery Store, and Frontgate for the suggested retail price of $99.99. Appropriate for ages eight and up, Joebot requires six “AA” batteries (not included). Both the Roborover and Joebot robots feature standby and sleep functions that preserve battery life after two or ten minutes respectively.

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