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WowWee's Rovio™ Mobile Webcam offers a Glimpse into the Future... and your Home

October 29th, 2008

WiFi Home and Office Explorer Allows Users to be in Two Places at Once

HONG KONG - August 2008 - Away from home and looking for a way to stay in touch with kids, elderly parents, and pets? Traveling for business and want to participate in several meetings at the office? WowWee, an Optimal Group company (NASDAQ:OPMR), has announced the launch of the Rovio™ mobile webcam, a revolution in home exploration and telepresence. The Rovio mobile webcam is a Wi-Fi enabled home and office explorer that can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using a web-enabled device including a PC, Mac, cell phone or smart phone, PDA or even a video game console. Through a built-in camera and microphone that stream video and audio, users can view and interact with the Rovio mobile webcam's environment, surveying any dwelling or workplace remotely.

The Rovio mobile webcam features the TrueTrack™ Navigation System, which enables the device to locate the position of objects in its environment and navigate from place to place with pinpoint accuracy. Via the TrueTrack Navigation System, users can store waypoints with the easy-to-use web browser interface and, with one click, the Rovio mobile webcam can navigate itself down a path to a chosen waypoint. Navigation into multiple rooms requires additional TrueTrack™ Room Beacons, which are sold separately and plug into a standard wall outlet. The Rovio mobile webcam also features self-docking capabilities, allowing it to return to its charging dock with TrueTrack Beacon at the simple click of button and without guidance and will inform its user when power is running low.

Featuring omni-directional three-wheeled motion for easy, precise navigation, the Rovio mobile webcam has a head-mounted, high resolution (640 x 480), adjustable camera with a wide range of vision that streams video and can take, store, and/or send photo snapshots of what it sees. A built-in LED headlight also helps users guide the device in dimly-lit environments. Needing only a web-enabled device and an Internet connection, users can see and hear exactly what the Rovio mobile webcam sees and hears in real time from any vacation spot, conference center, airport, or other location around the world. The Rovio mobile webcam's microphone and speaker system is even ideal for parents looking to read a bedtime story to children remotely or for pet lovers looking to scold their dog caught if it's caught sleeping on the couch.

Requiring no subscription fees or professional installation, the Rovio mobile webcam features USB connectivity and easy-to-install PC software that automatically detects computer settings and guides users through the set-up process. The Rovio mobile webcam features a step-by-step setup for Macs and hand-held devices using Ad-Hoc configuration. The device can also be used via Skype or Windows Live Messenger (MSN) through a video plug-in. The Rovio mobile webcam runs off users' existing Wi-Fi connection, does not require the setup of additional networks, and is protected by a login and password that the user creates, ensuring secure remote access to the home or office.

The Rovio mobile webcam is available at major retailers nationwide at launch for the approximate retail price of $299 and comes with a charging dock with a built-in TrueTrack Beacon, rechargeable NiMH battery pack, set-up CD, Quick-Start Guide, USB Cable and 8V AC adapter. TrueTrack Room Beacons are available separately.

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