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WowWee Unveils Next-Generation in Award-Winning Robosapien Line

September 29th, 2008

Continues Legacy with New Red-Hot Robotic Playmate - RS Tri-bot™ Robot

HONG KONG - July 2008 - What stands just over a foot tall, has three wheels, an animated face and a contagious personality? WowWee, an Optimal Group company (NASDAQ:OPMR), has announced the launch of the fun-loving RS Tri-bot™ robot, the next generation in the award-winning Robosapien™ line of entertainment robots. The RS Tri-bot robot is an interactive talking humanoid robot whose running commentary and dynamic personality make him a comical sidekick. With bright LED eyes, animated eyebrows, and a "pop-top" head, the RS Tri-bot robot is an expressive companion - a welcome addition to any home or family. Featuring various play modes and hours of entertaining content, the RS Tri-bot robot features joke telling, story sequences, and built-in games. Equipped with an omni-directional, three-wheeled base for speed and agility, users can move RS Tri-bot precisely in all directions using the remote controller. The remote features a tilt-sensitive trigger that, with a simple press of the trigger and tilt of the hand, enables the RS Tri-bot robot to move in the corresponding direction.

The RS Tri-bot robot features seven play modes which allow him to interact with his user and environment in different and exciting ways, including:

  • Free Roam Mode
    In Free Roam Mode, the RS Tri-bot robot is capable of roaming around his environment independently. Built-in tilt and infrared sensors also provide robot environmental awareness, enabling him to comment on and avoid obstacles as he explores his user's home. The RS Tri-bot robot can even detect when he has fallen over, informing his user in his own wacky way!
  • Alarm Mode
    The Alarm Mode function allows users to program a countdown alarm in one-minute intervals (up to 12 minutes). Once the alarm goes off, the RS Tri-bot robot will drive around frantically, shouting, waving his arms, and sounding the alarm until his user is able to catch him and hit him on the head. Parents can even use this mode as a fun way to get the kids out of bed in time for school - there's no oversleeping with the RS Tri-bot robot!
  • Program Mode
    Program Mode enables users to program and store a sequence of up to 40 movements that can be re-played upon request.
  • Homing Mode
    Homing Mode allows the RS Tri-bot robot to find or follow his user, dodging obstacles in his path while homing in on his target.
  • Guard Mode
    Guard Mode warns the user of any intruders in his vicinity (up to 6 feet) including parents, siblings or even pets!
  • Standby Mode
    Standby Mode allows the RS Tri-Bot robot to enter a battery-saving slumber after being left alone for 10 minutes. To wake him, tap his head, or press any button on the remote controller.
  • Sleep Mode
    If the RS Tri-bot robot is left alone for a further 10 minutes (20 minutes altogether), he will enter Sleep Mode to conserve battery life. To reactivate him, use the power switch located on the back, above the wheel.

The RS Tri-bot robot also features three interactive memory and repetition games - pattern, maze, and minefield - in which users navigate the RS Tri-bot robot through virtual obstacle races using the tilt-sensitive remote controller.

The RS Tri-bot robot will be available at retail stores nationwide beginning in July for an approximate retail price of $99. The RS Tri-bot robot is appropriate for ages 8 years and up and requires 8 "AA" (robot) and 3 "AAA" (remote controller) batteries.

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