• Flytech Bat flies in a realistic vertical motion! The Bat can swoop and soar and even hover in the air, right before your eyes.
    • Control Flytech bat's height with the single channel remote controller.
    • With two IR frequencies you can have two Bats hovering around the room at the same time.
    • Flytech Bat flies for up to 4 minutes on a single charge!
    • Recharge him directly from the remote controller when he gets tired.
    • Made from durable high-flex materials that make him crash resistant.
    • Indoor only flyer
    • 1 x coreless motor for quiet flight
    • Durable foam body
    • 11.8 inch (30cm) wingspan
    • Flight time: 4 minutes
    • Recharge time: 18 minutes


    Brown Bat

    Creepy nocturnal flying creature.

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    Powerful agility mixed with a fiery personality.

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    A revolutionary indoor flying machine.

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    Silver and Black Moth

    The perfect introduction to flight.

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