• Rechargeable helicopter-style flying action
    • Sensor-based navigation enables it to glide through the air, avoiding ceilings and flying away from obstacles -- or use just your hands to guide it!
    • Unique hovering action
    • Choose from RC or Autopilot Mode
    • Using AI, guide FlyTech Bladestar with your hands!
    • Attach the dogfight accessory (included) and face-off two FlyTech Bladestar flyers in a mid-air battle
    • An indoor only flyer, perfect for all seasons
      • Wingpsan 12" (30cm)
      • Made from light "high-flex" materials and designed to be crash-resistant
      • Recharges from remote controller
      • Flight time: approximately 5 minutes
      • Recharge time: approximately 20 minutes
      • Comes with 2 x spare blades, 2 x spare propellers, a Dogfight accessory, and a protective carrying case

    Technical Specifications



    A revolutionary indoor flying machine.

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    A personality-packed robot friend.

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    Hoverpod - Blue

    Moves on smooth surfaces and carpets!

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    Hoverpod - Red

    Moves on smooth surfaces and carpets!

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