• Striker D.C.P.-013
    • Striker G.A.P.-024
    • Striker S.P.-144



    • Conquer individual challenges, play one-on one or create ultimate team battles
    • Activate shield to take less damage from enemies
    • Unlimited ammo
    • Health meter tracks remaining life
    • Respawn when health hits zero
    • Play indoors or outside
    • Interactive lights and sounds that put you on the battlefield
    • Perfect your aim with included light-up target
    • Age 8+
    • Batteries: 4 x AA (Striker) and 3 X AAA (Mini Target). Batteries not included.

    Includes one Mini Target

    3 x "AAA" size batteries for Mini Target (not included)

    Technical Specifications


    Striker G.A.P.-024

    Light Strike Striker with Mini Target

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    Assault Striker D.C.R.-012

    Light Strike Assault Striker with Strike Target

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    I.T.S. (Intelligent Targeting System)

    Team up for Capture the Flag matches with the I.T.S.

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    Target Vest

    Pair vest with an Assault Striker or a Striker

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