• RS Mr. Personality's full-color LCD screen displays his personality with animated and synchronized facial features.
    • Enjoy endless hours of his company and interact with him through his multiple sensors and activity modes.
    • Using the content playback control functions on the remote controller, you affect the outcome of branching interactive stories and can pause, rewind and fast-forward through all on-board content.
    • Use the joystick for full-directional and rotational control.
    • Trigger button allows RS Mr. Personality to be driven around like a race car.
    • RS Mr. Personality features dozens of hilarious "bits"; manually select them, or he can provide them spontaneously when in autonomous mode.
    • Crystal Ball function - ask a "yes" or "no" question and receive a "fortune teller" response.


    • Flinch Response: If something suddenly comes very close to his face, RS Mr. Personality will respond with a comment.
    • Greet Mode: RS Mr. Personality plays a greeting and / or displays an image when he detects motion or when mode is activated.
    • Standby Mode: RS Mr. Personality remains powered, but will be “sleeping”, to conserve battery life.
    • Menu: access and program Mr Personality’s features, including alarm mode and calendar notifications.
    • Demo Function: RS Mr. Personality will run through one of his amusing demo routines, introducing himself and all of his various features.
    • Numerous embedded sensors, including: 1 x sonic sensor; 4 x IR sensors; 1 x light sensor; and 1 x tilt sensor.
    • Clock and alarm feature.
    • Built-in microphone.
    • 64 MByte of built-in memory.
    • LED indicator.
    • SD memory card slot
    • 7 x motors.
    • Plug RS Mr Personality in to the wall via the AC adaptor and he will continue to offer up commentary, jokes, and notifications.
    • Adjust arms and torso positions using the remote controller.
    • 1x speaker (with volume control).

    Technical Specifications


    Mr Personality™

    A force of robotic personality.

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