• Multiple levels of environmental interaction with humans and objects
    • Humanoid body movements, including bending, sitting and standing, lying down and getting up, dancing, waving, martial arts
    • Speech response
    • Color vision system: recognizes colors and skin tones
    • Stereo sound detection: hears and reacts to sound
    • IR vision: detects and avoids obstacles; tracks moving objects
    • Interaction with other Robo-companions (sold separately)
    • True bi-pedal walking
    • Articulated, gripping fingers
    • Sleep and auto shut-off function
    • Play Java games and movies
    • Display photos and MP3 information
    • Armor equipped with speakers and head-mounted camera
    • Sight, sound and touch sensors
    • IR vision to detect and avoid obstacles
    • Multiple personalities
    • PC connectivity via USB
    • Comes with PC software to create and edit your own personalities
    • Download and transfer data onto RS Media via USB 1.1 (cable provided)
    • TFT 1.9 inch LCD screen - 176 x 132 pixels with 16-bit color
    • Camera
    • Motion Tracking
    • Photo and MPEG3 encoding
    • 11 Watt Speakers, 2 microphones for sound localization, and 1 microphone for MP3 recording
    • Operating system: Linux embedded
    • 40 Mbytes flash memory
    • Upgradeable memory: SD card slot up to 1 Gbyte (SD card not included)

    Technical Specifications


    RS Media™

    A complete customizable multimedia robotic experience.

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    Instant Rock Star!

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    Your friendly, hard working, recycling robot!

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