• RS Wrex the Dawg's moods (Happy, Angry and Crazy) and desires (Exercise, Call of Nature and Hunger) are expressed by hilarious "jackpot" eyes! His left eye displays his moods and his right eye displays his desires.
    • Change moods via the Mood Dial on the remote controller, bump him on his push button nose to reset his "jackpot" eyes, or just let him to change moods all by himself!
    • This junkyard dog occasionally malfunctions. When he begins his "malfunction animation", it's your cue to reset him using the programming hatch. If you don't enter a code in time, he'll enter his "Breakdown Mode". Uh-oh!
    • Try programming him as a cat or to disobey your commands! You can even re-program him as the original Robosapien™!
    • Performs a number of tricks including shake-a-paw, playing dead, and dancing! Each of his moods features its own unique set of tricks.


    • A remote controller that matches his junkyard origins; it allows you to access all of his features and tricks using dials and picture icons!
    • Zips around rapidly on his two hind wheels and two jointed front legs
    • Features swivelling ears, a moving jaw, and a squeaky tail.
    • Set him to “Guard Mode” and have him warn you when strangers approach!
    • Select the Off the Leash icon from the remote controller’s Mood Dial and he will explore your home all on his own!
    • Sleep Mode to conserve battery life.
    • Avoid edges and obstacles, and will know when he has been picked up.
    • Program a sequence of actions up to 80 steps and he will perform them back flawlessly!
    • Wrex can “see” in front him; he will react to movements and obstacles in his field of vision!
    • Shows off his movements and personality in Demo Mode.


    Wrex The Dawg™

    No ordinary junkyard dog.

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