• Does Swivel work with iPad?
    Yes. And Swivel comes packed with the Apple iPad/iPod/iPhone connector.
  • How can I project photos from my iPhone/iPod/iPad?
    Photos will project when played as a slideshow. From within the Photos section, either in the album or on a particular photo, press the Play triangle at the bottom of the screen.
  • Can I project my iPhone/iPod/iPad apps?
    Yes, if the app developer has chosen to use video-out functionality. Presently, Apple allows video-out access for Videos, Photos [slideshow], Safari [videos], YouTube, and Keynote.
  • When does Swivel charge?
    Swivel will charge its battery when it is connected to an AC or USB power source and turned off. The battery does not charge when Swivel is on, projecting.
  • My Swivel is squawking. What's up?
    Swivel will beep every couple minutes when it is running very low on battery power. There's about 10 minutes of juice remaining when you hear it.
  • Can I transfer data via the USB port?
    Swivel does not have internal memory. Swivel's USB port is for charging only.
  • What is the middle "R" position on the switch for?
    The switch's middle position is a reverse setting, meaning that the projection is horizontally flipped. This is useful for rear-projection (eg. from behind a thin white sheet).
  • Can I connect Swivel to my computer?
    Please see the Connectivity section above. In general (keeping in mind that all computers are different), PCs will require a VGA-to-AV converter such as Cinemin Swap. And most common Macs will require a DVI or Mini DisplayPort adapter from Apple as well. Consult your computer's manual first.
  • What is a Composite connection?
    Sometimes called RCA, a Composite cable has three connectors - yellow for video and red and white for stereo audio - and is the output for a variety of video-related devices. Not to be confused with Component.