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Cinemin Swivel is a one versatile pico. It will project movies, videos, photos, games, and slides from a variety of popular media players.

Swivel comes packed with two main connector cables which will do the trick for the majority of devices.

The 30-pin connector and 3.5mm-to-3.5mm AV cable (both included) will together easily connect Swivel to the following Apple products:

  • iPod Classic (5G and 6G models)
  • iPod Nano (3G and 4G models)
  • iPod Touch (1G and 2G models)
  • iPhone (1G, 3G, and 3GS models)

The composite-to-3.5mm cable (included) works well with a wide range of devices that have standard composite (sometimes called RCA) AV output, such as:

  • Flip Video (most models)
  • Vado Pocket Video Cam
  • Camcorders (most models)
  • DV-cams (most models)
  • Digital cameras (most models)
  • DVD (and portable DVD players)
  • Blu-ray (and portable Blu-ray players)
  • Slingbox
  • PVRs

Cinemin Swivel


Connecting a laptop or netbook to Swivel requires additional cables or converters, depending on your particular computer model. Consult your computer’s user manual and ensure that it has video-out functionality; not all do.

For laptops/netbooks with S-Video
Use an S-Video & Stereo Audio to RCA Converter (SVHS to 3 RCA)

For laptops/netbooks with VGA
The Cinemin Swap accessory (sold separately) is a compact powered box which converts VGA to an analog AV signal

For laptops/netbooks with DVI or mini-DVI
The signal will first need to be converted to VGA, S-Video, or Composite (a variety of cables are generally available), and then to the above connectors.

Cinemin Swivel

Some devices have video-out functionality but require their own proprietary connector cable (sold separately) in order to work. Examples include:

  • PlayStation Portable
  • PlayStation 2 and 3
  • Xbox and Xbox 360
  • Zune (all models)
Cinemin Swivel

There are a limited number of mobile phones – mainly smartphones – that have video-out functionality. The following models will connect to Swivel (however, sometimes requiring a proprietary connector):

  • HTC Touch Pro
  • HTC Touch Pro 2
  • HTC Advantage
  • HTC U1000
  • Nokia 5800
  • Nokia N97, N86, and N85 models
  • LG KM900
  • Samsung i900
  • Sony-Ericsson C903 and C905 models
  • Sony-Ericcson Satio

Be aware that not all popular devices can output video and therefore will NOT project images of any kind.

  • Most mobile phones (except for the ones listed above)
  • Blackberry (all models)
  • Palm Pre
  • Nintendo DS
  • Creative Labs ZEN
  • Laptops and netbooks (some models)