Alive Perfect Puppies

    Release Date: 2010
    Item Number:  9851 (Bella, Portuguese Water Dog), 9852 (Buddy, Goldendoodle)
    UPC: 771171198512 (Bella, Portuguese Water Dog), 771171198529 (Buddy, Goldendoodle)
    Serial Number: n/a
    Packaging Size: n/a
    Age Grading: 3+

    Product Summary

    WowWee Alive™ Perfect Puppy, your lovable, life-like puppy! I respond to the way you touch and speak to me! Featuring Alive Touch technology, I am the most adorable, responsive play pal you’ll ever have. I am a soft and cuddly pet who shows you love. Take me home today!


    • Pet me and I’ll respond with sounds and motion!
    • I can tell the difference between a tickle, pat, stroke and hug and I respond differently to each
    • I react differently to loud or soft voice commands
    • I’m a life-size puppy who makes 18 life-like sounds including sniff, bark, whimper, grumble and snore
    • My eyes, mouth, ears and tail are all animated
    • You can pose my front egs
    • I come with an accessory collar and brush