Alive Sleeping Cuties

    Release Date: n/a
    Item Number: 9306 (Schnauzer Puppy), 9307 (Shih Tzu Puppy), 9308 (Ginger Tabby Kitten), 9309 (Calico Kitten)
    UPC: 771171193067 (Schnauzer Puppy), 771171193074 (Shih Tzu Puppy), 771171193081 (Ginger Tabby Kitten), 771171193098 (Calico Kitten)
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    9306 (Schnauzer Puppy) 9307 (Shih Tzu Puppy) 9308 (Ginger Tabby Kitten) 9309 (Calico) 771171193067 (Terrier) 771171193074 (Shih Tzu) 771171193081 (Ginger Tabby Kitten) 771171193098 (Calico Kitten) 771171193104 (Assorted 2010 line)

    Product Summary

    WowWee Alive™ Sleeping Cuties™ are adorable sleepy pets who are perfect to cuddle up with for a nap! Each one has a poseable head, and knows when you pick him up. Pet him and he’ll go to sleep or wake up making gentle slumbering pet sounds. Play with him and he’ll make happy baby animal sounds! WowWee Alive Sleeping Cuties are perfect pyjama pals


    • 7 adorable baby animal sounds indicating his mood
    • Makes adorable snoozing baby animal sounds
    • Knows when you pick him up!
    • Pet him and he goes to sleep — pet him again and he wakes up
    • Pet him while he slumbers and he looks up
    • Opens and closes his eyes
    • Poseable head
    • Comes with his own blanket
    • 1 x speaker
    • Ages: 3+

    Battery Requirements:

    • 4 x "AA" alkaline batteries (included)

    Package Contents:

    • 1 x Alive Sleeping Cuties
    • 1 x Blanket
    • 1 x User manual