Assault Striker Attachments

    Release Date: Summer 2011
    Item Number: 3442 (Rapid Fire), 3432 (Enemy Scanner), 3441 (Refractor), 3403 (Scope)
    UPC: 771171134428 (Rapid Fire), 771171134329 (Enemy Scanner), 771171134411 (Refractor), 771171134039 (Scope)
    Serial Number: n/a
    Packaging Size: n/a
    Age Grading: 8+

    Product Summary

    Target Vest

    • Set vest's color with Striker
    • Health status bars decrease when shot
    • Knows if hit is from enemy or teammate
    • Sync with your blaster


    • LED targeting system
    • Increase gun range up to 100 feet (30 meters)
    • Add element of surprise
    • Defeat your opponent with one shot in sniper mode
    • Combine accessories for even more firepower

    Refractor Launch System

    • Defeat enemies with one super shot
    • Real recoil action
    • Gain tactical advantage

    Enemy Scanner

    • Detect enemy movement within 20-30 feet (7-10 meters)
    • Get them before they get you
    • Gain tactical advantage

    Rapid Fire System

    • Rapid-fire super ammo provides major blasts
    • Real recoil action
    • Gain tactical advantage