Fin Fin Friends

    Release Date: Fall 2010
    Item Number: 7601 (Castle), 7602 (Skate Park), 7603 (Mall), 7604 (Tiki Hut)
    UPC: 771171176015 (Castle), 771171176022 (Skate Park), 771171176039 (Mall), 771171176046 (Tiki Hut)
    Serial Number: n/a
    Packaging Size: n/a
    Age Grading: 8+

    Product Summary

    The Fin Fin Friends™ live in magical water worlds of life-like fish and aquatic creatures that are ALIVE with activity. Send a Fin Fin Friend down the slide into his water environment and everything comes to life with motion, lights, sounds and interactivity.


    • Fin Fin Friends love to swim in real water!
    • Fin Fin Friends can have fun on their own, but they truly come ALIVE when they interact with you with motion, lights and sounds. Watch them evolve as they develop their personalities and behaviors.
    • Use the fish food button to feed them, talk to them softly or loudly, tap on the fishbowl or clap– the more you play with them and train them, the more ALIVE and responsive the Fin Fin Friends become.
    • Loves to dance to music!
    • With hundreds of different actions and sounds, Fin Fin Friends demonstrate a life-like range of emotions, from happy to sad to loving – and of behaviors like dancing, singing, begging, eating orsimply talking to you.


    • One fish
    • Two floating accessories
    • One decorative accessory