Paper Jamz Pro Drums

    Release Date: Summer 2011
    Item Number: 63881 (Style 1), 63882 (Style 2), 63883 (Style 3)
    UPC: 771171638834 (Style 3), 771171638827 (Style 2), 771171638810 (Style 1)
    Serial Number: n/a
    Packaging Size: 20.5"W x 12"H x 2"D
    Age Grading: 8+


    Product Summary


    • New electronic drum pads, new drum sounds and twice as many cymbals as the original Paper Jamz
    • Awesome backbeats and rhythms that loop in perfect sync to the music
    • LED flashes to tempo to help keep the beat while you create custom fills and loops
    • USB compatible

    Rock out like never before:

    • Freestyle: Create your own killer drum solos
    • Rhythm: Control a song's beats and rhythm and create your own drum sounds
    • Perfect Play: Just select a song and tap along. Sound like a drum legend - without years of practice