Release Date: 11/16/06
    Item Number: 8065
    UPC: 771171180654
    Serial Number: n/a
    Packaging Size: n/a
    Age Grading: 8+

    User Manuals

    Roboreptile Manual.pdf (625 KB)


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    Product Summary

    Roboreptile, the ultimate cold-blooded predator, comes to life through a combination of dynamic robotic animations and advanced interactive technologies.
    Roboreptile is an impressive mix of powerful agility, multi-sensory awareness and a fiery personality!

    Technical Specifications


    • Product Height:10.8 inches (27.4 cm)
    • Product Width: 12.1 inches (30.7 cm)
    • Product Depth: 33.2 inches (84.3 cm)
    • Product Weight: 3 pounds (1.4 kg)

    Battery Requirements*:

    • 6 x AA alkaline batteries
    • 3 x AA (Remote)
    • *Batteries not included

    Package contents:

    • 1 x Roboreptile
    • 1 x Remote Controller
    • 1 x Hood Accessory
    • 1 x Instruction Manual


    • Realistic biomorphic movements.
    • Four-legged walking and high speed running; bipedal "attack" mode; jumping action.
    • Flexible neck; whipping tail.
    • Multi-sensory environmental awareness.
    • Infra-red vision sensors for obstacle avoidance and movement detection.
    • Sonic sensors to detect sharp, loud sounds.
    • Touch sensor for response to human interaction.
    • Auto shut-off function.
    • Volume control.

    Five Modes:

    • Autonomous (Default): Hungry and aggressive; explores and interacts with his environment searching for prey, attacking, roaring, biting behaviours.
    • Direct Control: Multi-layered 28 function remote controller, including demo function and volume control.
    • Program: Enter a sequence of up to 20 commands.
    • Guard: Activates vision and sonic sensor.
    • Sleep: Conserves battery-life.

    Three Moods:

    • Hungry: His natural (default) mode; activate the "feed" button on the remote and he will track down the signal.
    • Satisfied: He calms down after eating.
    • Hooded: He becomes subdued, depending upon human interaction; he will either wake up hungry or fall asleep.