Release Date: Summer 2011
    Item Number: 3401 (I.T.S.), 3431 (Target Vest), 
    UPC: 771171134015 (I.T.S.), 771171134312 (Target Vest), 
    Serial Number: n/a
    Packaging Size: n/a
    Age Grading: 8+

    Product Summary

    I.T.S. (Intelligent Targeting System)

    • Play capture the flag and other team games with friends
    • Shoot target to add your team's color and win the match
    • Try to stop enemies from stealing your color
    • Interactive light and sound
    • Motorized rotation to blast in a full arc
    • Includes multiple built-in single player and team games
    • Protect your base with sentry mode
    • Restore your Light Strike health in medic mode
    • Variable settings to increase difficulty 

    4 x "AA" size batteries I.T.S. (not included)

    Target Vest

    • Set vest's color with Striker
    • Health status bars decrease when shot
    • Knows if hit is from enemy or teammate
    • Sync with your blaster

    Strike Target

    • Shoot target to change its color
    • Interactive sound effects
    • Use with Assault Strikers or Strikers
    • Included with Assault Striker