Wrex the Dawg™

    Release Date: 2008
    Item Number: 1045
    UPC: 771171110453
    Serial Number: n/a
    Packaging Size: n/a
    Age Grading: 8+

    User Manuals

    Wrex The Dawg Manual.pdf (1.13 MB)


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    Product Summary

    RS Wrex the Dawg™ is a mischievous robotic pal and a real junkyard dog! Built from discarded mechanical and electrical parts, RS Wrex the Dawg is the ultimate loveable "crosswired" pooch, despite a few loose nuts and bolts! He is highly animated, from his expressive face to his wagging tail.


    • 9 motors
    • 10 eye icon combinations
    • IR sensors
    • Speakers

    Remote Controller:

    • Uniquely shaped like an industrial machinery controller

    Battery Requirements:

    • 4 x C batteries and 2 x AA batteries (Wrex)
    • 3 x AAA batteries (Remote controller)
    • *Batteries not included

    Package Contents:

    • 1 x Wrex the Dawg
    • 1 x Remote controller
    • 1 x User manual



    • 3 adjustable volume settings.
      • 4 x "C" and 2 x "AA" batteries*
      • 3 x "AAA" batteries* (remote controller)
      • * Batteries sold separately
      • 1 x Wrex the Dawg
      • 1 x Remote controller
      • 1 x User manual
      • RS Wrex the Dawg's moods (Happy, Angry and Crazy) and desires (Exercise, Call of Nature and Hunger) are expressed by his hilarious "jackpot" eyes! His left eye displays his moods and his right eye displays his desires.
      • Change RS Wrex the Dawg's moods via the Mood Dial on the intuitive remote controller, by hitting him on his push button nose to reset his ``jackpot" eyes, or allow him to change moods all by himself!
      • Thanks to his junkyard construction, RS Wrex the Dawg occasionally malfunctions. When he begins his "malfunction animation", it is your cue to reset him using the programming hatch. If you do not enter a code in time, he will enter his "Breakdown Mode", and will not be able to do anything until you enter a reset code.
      • There are many possible reset codes that you can enter by accessing his reprogramming hatch: try programming him as a cat, or to disobey your commands! You can even re-program him as the original Robosapien™!
      • Capable of performing a number of tricks including offering his paw, playing dead and dancing! You can select the tricks via the Trick Dial on the remote controller. Each of his moods features its own unique set of tricks.
      • Features a remote controller that matches his junkyard origins; it allows you to access all of his features and tricks using dials and picture icons!
      • Zips around rapidly on his two hind wheels and two jointed front legs
      • Features swivelling ears, a moving jaw, and a squeaky tail.
      • Set him to "Guard Mode" and have him warn you when strangers approach!
      • Select the Off the Leash icon from the remote controller's Mood Dial and he will explore your home all on his own!
      • Features a Sleep Mode to conserve battery life.
      • Featuring an optional edge detection function, RS Wrex the Dawg will avoid edges and obstacles, and will know when he has been picked up.
      • Program a sequence of actions up to 80 steps and he will perform them back flawlessly!
      • RS Wrex the Dawg can "see" in front him; he will react to movements and obstacles in his field of vision!
      • Features an entertaining Demo Mode, in which he shows off his movements and personality!
      • Age: 8+