Hi I'm MiP™!

Meet MiP, Your New Robot Friend!

Equipped with GestureSense™ technology, any hand motion controls MiP™. Using its free app, you can drive it, play games & more all while MiP™ balances on two wheels!


A Balancing Robot

A balancing Robot

It’s the year of the MiP™. Perched atop unique dual wheels, this multifunctional and autonomous robot is more than just a toy. Powered by an iOS or Android smartphone, your eyes will light up at what MiP™ can do.

GestureSense™ Technology

Thanks to our innovative equipment, MiP™ responds to motions, be it your hand or an object. Effortless navigation, MiP™ is always trying to please!

Gesturesense Technology
Immersive Personality

Immersive Personality

Your new buddy likes to have fun, and invites you to join. Show some praise, and MiP™ will be your new best friend, but push it down, and you’re in for an angry robot!

Endless Fun

Not only does MiP™ offer tons of gameplay fun, but there’s also an app that enables you to drive, dance, battle, balance, and so much more.

Endless Fun


  • MiP™

    Use your hand motions to direct your robot. The MiP™ will follow!

  • Tracking

    Play the ultimate version of follow the leader and watch MiP™ track your hand or leg wherever you choose to explore.

  • Dance

    MiP™ is the life of the dance party. Upload a song from your music library to the app, crank up the volume, and watch this rock star do what he does best.

  • Roam

    Watch MiP™’s explore and react to the environment. Highly responsive to surroundings, the MiP™ detects objects in the way, acknowledges them, avoids them, and keeps on going.

  • Tricks

    Have fun with this one, to the tune of up to 100 commands. Signal the MiP™ to sway in all directions and clap twice. Anything you can do, MiP™ can do better.

  • Cage

    MiP™ is in a virtual cage. It’s your turn to prevent its escape by blocking all the exits.

  • Game

    Up for a challenge? Stack objects on MiP™’s tray while trying to maintain an upright position. Play against your friends!

MiP™ App

The App


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MiP™ comes with included tray and stand in our deluxe packaging.

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