Roboraptor XTM

The New Roboraptor XTM

Dinosaurs are back and roaming the earth in the
32" long Roboraptor X™. With its advanced
artificial intelligence personality, realistic
biomorphic motions, direct control and
autonomous (free-roam) modes, the
Age of Dinosaurs has truly returned.


  • Use the included IR Dongle to control Raptor X with your iOS or Android device
  • Fluid bi-pedal motion: walking, running and predatory gaits
  • Realistic body movements: turning head and neck; whipping tail actions
  • Three distinct moods: hunter, cautious and playful
  • Autonomous environmental interaction: responds with mood specific behaviors and sounds
  • Mood dependent behavior: aggressive/hunting mood; nervous/cautious mood; friendly/playful mood
  • Multi-sensory: touch sensors in his tail, chin and mouth; sonic sensors

Download the RoboRemote™ App