Renegade Renegade

A renegade Zombie virus has infected the robot world, pitting robots against their former human controllers!

As one of the last remaining robot controllers, it's up to you to fight back and defeat the hordes of mechanical menaces!

RobotZombie™ is on the prowl searching for new victims to infect. Use your Zombie Blaster to fire at RobotZombie™ and hit the weak points to blast off his arms and cranium plate, exposing his light-up brain! Better defeat him quickly, however, otherwise the infection will spread, and then it's game over!

Once defeated, RobotZombie™ is yours to control! Use the Zombie Blaster to command his movements while he makes robotic zombie sounds!


Light up eyes and robotic zombie sounds!

Use the Zombie Blaster to control RobotZombie™ directly in Controller mode or blast him apart in Infection mode!

Blast away his arms and cranium plate to expose the light-up brain to defeat RobotZombie™!

Includes a Zombie Blaster and Three Foam Darts!

Moves with zombie shuffling action!

Use the included zombie blaster to fire foam darts at RobotZombie™ Mini.

Defeat him by hitting him in the head, causing his arms and chestplate to explode!

Where to buy

RobotZombie™ and RobotZombie™ Mini are also available online and in-store at major retailers.